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There are millions of acres of opportunity out there. They belong to you. Every day decisions are being made that affect your land, your water, your wildlife. You should know about them. This is your mountain. 

Jun 19, 2018

David Willms, Mike McGrady, and Nephi Cole visit with Jana Waller, wildlife artist, and host of Skull Bound TV on The Sportsman Channel.

The guys sit down with Jana only hours after her epic Montana black bear hunt and get all the details. They also discuss the importance of educating non-hunters about hunters as wildlife conservationists, the value of hunting in Africa, the changing demographics of the American hunter, and the need to recruit women and veterans to hunting. Jana also shares what we can expect on the upcoming season of Skull Bound.

Hunting, Fishing, Recreation, Wilderness, Wildlife, Outdoors, Public Land Law and Policy.

Show notes coming soon: