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There are millions of acres of opportunity out there. They belong to you. Every day decisions are being made that affect your land, your water, your wildlife. You should know about them. This is your mountain. 

Feb 25, 2022

A Federal District Court just reinstated protections for wolves in 44 states, and the Fish and Wildlife Service announced they will consider whether to relist wolves in the Northern Rockies. What does this all mean? Dave and Nephi dive in, but leave a lot of questions on the table for a future episode. Tune in. 

Feb 2, 2022

The guys discuss an idea to use the Endangered Species Act in a way that encourages state management of federally listed species. They also discuss: late velvet in mule deer; a bad goose hunt; a good goose hunt; hunting wolves near Yellowstone National Park; appreciation of wildlife professionals; and more.