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There are millions of acres of opportunity out there. They belong to you. Every day decisions are being made that affect your land, your water, your wildlife. You should know about them. This is your mountain. 

Feb 9, 2021

This week, Dave Willms, Mike McGrady and Nephi Cole give you a look into some of the legislation that all hunters & anglers should be following in the early days of 2021. 

Bills Discussed in this Episode

Allowing Firearms on Campus

Wyoming Bill Senate File 0067-Repeal Gun Free Zones 

Montana House Bill 102- Generally Revising Gun Laws

Anti 2A Infringement Acts

Discussed in multiple states right now. Is your state one of them? Let us know.

Guaranteed Permits for Outfitters in Montana

Montana Senate Bill 143- Generally Revise laws re Class B-10 and Class B-11


Banning Trapping on Public Lands

New Mexico Senate Bill 32- Wildlife Conservation and Public Safety Act


Blue Law Changes (Sunday Hunting)

Maryland House Bill 225


California Bear Hunting Ban (Pulled)

California SB 252

Simpson's Salmon

Missouri- Right to Hunt and Fish

Missouri House Joint Resolution 23

Wyoming Stamps for Access Easement

WY- Hunting and Fishing Access Funding (Next Week)

Oklahoma Bigfoot Hunting

OK- Bigfoot Harvest Season Proposal

Your Mountain Podcast edited and produced by Ben Paige.